MediaWizards Forums for Umbraco

MediaWizards Forums setup instructions

The package comes with basic forum set up and uses bootstrap to make it look less ugly. Integrating the Forums into your site is super easy.

  1. You need to add two lines to your master template (usually master.cshtml)
    1. In the 'head' section add the following line above the closing 'head' tag
      @RenderSection("Styles", false)
    2. Just above the closing 'body' tag of the template, insert the following line
      @RenderSection("extrascripts", false) 
    3. if you are using the client dependency framework then all the extra scripts and styles should just work.
  2. Allow a Forum to be created under another doctype (if you have a 'Home' document type it should already be allowed for that).
    1. the forum is always the root, if you want categories in your forum, you just create child forums.

Forum Configuration

Give the forum a name and introduction, this appears on all forum and post pages.

If this is the top-level forum you do not need to change any of the Forum Settings, just set the forum as active and you are ready to set up the rest of the forums which will contain posts.

The number of forums or posts displayed per page can be set using the 'Page Size'.

If this is not the top-level forum and you want to allow members to post at this level enable the ‘Allow Posts’ option.

Page Size

Set the number of forums or posts to display per page.


Visitors will have to be logged in to post​, so you need some form of membership authentication - that is not installed by MediaWizards Forums [although I have built MediaWizards Membership as another package which you can install separately if required].

If you would like only members to view a forum, enable the ‘Hide from public view’ option.

If you want to create a forum that only specific members can see, set the ‘Can View groups’ - use the Member Group Picker to select the groups allowed to view, or leave empty to show to all visitors.

If you want only certain members to be able to post in a forum, set the Can Post Groups - use the Member Group Picker to select the groups allowed to post.
The create post button and reply box will only appear for users in these groups.

If you only want to display the top-level forum in your site navigation, then you can either set the ‘Hide Children from Menu’ on the top-level forum or set the ‘Hide from Navigation’ option on each individual forum.

Post Management

Sticky posts

Posts will be ordered by the latest date of any post in a thread unless you give them a stickiness score. The higher the score the higher the stickiness.

Deleting posts

You can manage posts like any other Umbraco content, all posts / forums have “Hide from Navigation” in generic properties - on posts this will mark them as deleted.
If a user deletes their own post ‘Deleted by User’ will also be checked, this changes the message other people see on the forums to “Post deleted by user”. if you just mark a post as hidden - it appears as “this post has been removed”.